Preparing our Residents to be Responsible, Productive & Successful

Our Mission

Orange County Mentors for Youth is a level 12 group home serving adolescent boys from ages 13 through 18. Our goal is to help them become productive young men, able to lead successful adult lives. We work to accomplish this by providing a stable, home-like environment along with the supportive services to help them overcome the obstacles in their lives.

We accept referrals from both Social Services Departments and Probation Departments. We are classified as a level 12 program (CCL RCL 12).

"We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future." ~Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Emancipation PartyCelebrating the success of our residents.

This young man graduated from Orange County Mentors for Youth and moved on to transitional housing. Please see our donation page on how you can support our residents who are emancipating.

Orange County Mentors for Youth would like to acknowledge and thank our employees. Your daily care of our youth makes such a difference in their lives. Your efforts are appreciated.

New ManagementMentors for Youth Zero Tolerance Policy

Report Sexual Abuse or Sexual Harassment

Call any of the numbers listed below and ask for the Manager in Charge.

Orang County Mentors for Youth Administrative Office
(714) 939-1189
Community Care Licensing
(714) 703-2840